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Nikolai Battoo’s Court Defeat Doesn’t Help PIWM Investors

Nikolai Battoo and his failed investments – PIWM, BC Capital and Fidelity Insurance – have faded away from the public’s attention. Unfortunately, there are so many fraudsters and Ponzi schemers in today’s society that it is hard to keep track. (Yes, there is now a Ponzi Tracker website to do just that!) For investors who […]

Another Bittersweet Day for PIWM Victims

Hundreds of investors across the United States (and beyond) have lost their life savings in an investment called PIWM. Short for Private International Wealth Management, PIWM was actually a Ponzi scheme within a Ponzi scheme. Investors were promised their money was safe, diversified and well invested. It wasn’t. Nikolai Battoo was managing their money with […]

A Great Day for PIWM Victims

Chapman LLC, the Investor Rights law firm,  announced today  multi-million dollar settlements reached on behalf of thirteen victims of the “Private International Wealth Management” or “PIWM” swindle. The PIWM investors involved in the settlements were residents of North Carolina and California who were led to invest in PIWM by various financial and investment advisors.  The […]

From Cook to Crook!

Recently the Joint Liquidators of Maven Assurance and Maven Life International Ltd issued their 7th notice to creditors. Maven is but one piece of the massive Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Nikolai Battoo. Liquidators and receivers have been appointed in multiple countries, each seeking to collect whatever monies they can for creditors and victims. The major […]

PIWM Victims Have Little Chance to Recover From Receivership

Victims of the PIWM scheme who want to file suit instead of waiting for the receivership should call Chapman LLC.  Call the investment fraud attorneys at Chapman LLC today at 1-877-410-8172. The chance of precipitation today is ninety percent.  The chance of the sun rising tomorrow is nearly certain.  But the chance that victims of […]

Last Train Leaving the Station?

Wine improves with age. Legal rights do not. If you invested and lost money in one of the “Private International Wealth Management” portfolios, you probably have some legal rights. They may or may not be valuable legal rights—you’ll need to talk to an investor rights attorney to find the answer to that question—but they will […]

Larry Grossman and Gregory Adams Connected to Madoff Hedge Fund

Larry Grossman and Gregory Adams are accused of misleading and misrepresenting clients.  Grossman, a certified financial planner, founded Sovereign International Asset Management in Palm Harbor, Florida. According to the SEC complaint, Grossman allegedly advised clients to invest in two “moderately conservative” hedge funds.  Later on, he sold Sovereign to Adams.  At the time of the […]

SEC Wins Against 2 PIWM Feeder Fund Advisers

Larry Grossman and Gregory Adams once ran a multi-million dollar investment advisory business called SIAM. Based in Clearwater, Florida, it now appears that SIAM, short for Sovereign International Asset Management, was nothing more than a front for Ponzi scheme artists like Bernie Madoff and Nikolai Battoo. On Monday an SEC administrative law judge gave investors […]

BREAKING NEWS – Nikolai Battoo Guilty of PIWM, Maven Fraud

On Monday we received an email congratulating us on “our” win against Nikolai Battoo. The email came from a lawyer who knows we represent victims of PIWM and its promoters, Nikolai Battoo and Tracy Sunderlage.  While a federal judge in Chicago entered judgment against Battoo for $368 million, there is little relief for the hundreds […]